Electronic data capture with the CHES platform

This online platform was established to provide electronic data collection infrastructure for projects conducted by the EORTC Quality of Life Group. The software company ESD - Evaluation Software Development (www.ches.pro) has developed this platform for

* The demonstration and administration of the EORTC-QLQ CAT measures.

* The demonstration and implementation of CHES in daily oncology practice when using EORTC QLQ measures;

* Questionnaire administration and/or data collection in the framework of EORTC QLQ module development studies,

* Methodological studies concerning EORTC QoL Group measures.

CHES allows questionnaire administration, sophisticated graphical presentation of questionnaire results as well as the completion of electronic case report forms. The CHES platform can be used in all common web-browsers and does not require any local software installation. The software complies with the Good clinical practice guidelines (GCP) for electronic data collection.


ACCESS the CHES platform


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