A newly published paper on the statistical analysis plan of the EORTC MID project.

Jammbe Musoro, Jean-Francois Hamel, Divine Ewane Ediebah, Kim Cocks, Madeleine T King, Mogens Groenvold, Mirjam A G Sprangers, Yvonne Brandberg,9 Galina Velikova,10 John Maringwa, Hans-Henning Flechtner, Andrew Bottomley, Corneel Coens, on Behalf of the EORTC Quality of Life Group.


Establishing anchor-based minimally important differences (MID) with the EORTC quality of life measures: a meta-analysis protocol. BMJ Open 2017;7:e019117. doi:10.1136/bmjopen-2017-019117.



This paper highlights the methodological considerations of the EORTC MID project, which aims at estimating MIDs for the EORTC QLQ-C30 across different cancer sites separately, using individual patient data from published EORTC trials. A manuscript on the main results from the melanoma studies is in preparation.


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